Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vitamin Supplements - Human Digestion Chemistry

Vitamin Supplements

Stomach acid is necessary for digestion in the stomach but not every thing is completely digested. Some medications are coated to protect the active ingredients. That is the case with many dietary supplements.

The concentration of free H+ ions in a solution determine acidity. In the mouth, the acidity is very low (more basic, chemically) ; the stomach is very acidic and the intestines are basic. 

Starting from the mouth the basic nature of the food bolus is basic. When the bolus hits the stomach the basic food mixture triggers the stomach to prepare for its role in digestion by producing acid. The acid, when it reaches the intestines signals them to produce their products which are basic in nature. It is a signaling system!

If you take your medications or supplements on an empty stomach there is a good chance they will still be active when they reach the intestines where they can be absorbed into the blood stream. The stomach doesn't have a chance to produce enough acid from taking supplements. On a full stomach - there may be too much acid and medications may weaken or be destroyed.

There I go again into my teaching mode! Hope that helps you a bit.