Friday, October 23, 2009

Diabetes Insipidus and ADH deficiency

Diabetes Insipidus and ADH Deficiency

One of the problems with you and me is the fact that we are lay people. I have some training but not at the level of a Diabetologist.

One of the symptoms of diabetes, already discussed on this blog, is the out-put of hugh amounts of urine and intense thirst. This condition is called (diabetes = overflow; insipidus = tasteless) distinguishes it from diabetis mellitus (mel = honey), in which insulin deficiency causes large amounts of blood glucose to be lost in the urine. In the past, urine was tasted to determine which type of diabetes the patient was suffering from.

The possible causes of diabetes insipidus can be caused by a blow to the head that damages the hypothalmus or the posterior pituitary. In either case, anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) release is deficient. Though inconvenient, the condition is not serious when the thirst center is operating properly and the person drinks enough water to prevent dehydration.

 Another reason people who are unconcious or comatose with head injuries are carefully monitored for excessive dehydration that can be life threatening.

This is a good time to defer to a Diabelologist, on your next visit, to answer some of your more involved questions on similar symptoms that may not be due to diabetes mellitus.