Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Purpose of our Body Systems

The Enzyme - Protected by our Body Systems

To understand life and our ability to live the purpose of the enzyme is very important. It is an organic enzyme that makes it possible for all our chemical reactions to occur at body temperature.

Our planet is a miracle. Temperate climate, wonderful atmosphere and, of course, water.

Estimates on the age of Earth focus on 4.5 billion years. How could this hot, molten ball of mass change from a hostile environment to the Earth of today?

Biological life consists of four essential elements: Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen in the chemical form of carbon dioxide (CO2), Water(H2O) and Nitrogen Gas (NO2) and Oxygen (O2) in todays atmosphere. Scientists think the atmosphere on our early planet consisted originally of three gases: Methane (CH4), Ammonia (NH3) and Water (H2O).

To follow my story note the three compounds above contain the elements C (Carbon), O (Oxygen), H (Hydrogen) and N (Nitrogen) the essential elements of biological life as we know it today. One set hostile to life and the other set compatible to life.

Some biodegradable products contain enzymes. Heres one:

We couldn't breathe methane and ammonia today without dying. What happened? The Earth changed from a hostile environment through a very slow process, that made sense. 

The planet had to cool. That took a lot of time. When the Earth reached a temperate climate a miracle of sorts happened in the seas that comprise  4/5 of the planets changing surface. 

Something appeared that reproduced and gave off a waste gas called carbon dioxide (CO2). This gas slowly built up in our oceans  until another miracle happened.

Then a form of creature started that used the oxygen (O2) and gave off carbon dioxide (CO2) as a byproduct. 

We are the ultimate creature of this entire process. If you didn't notice, this set the stage for "The Balance of Nature" between plants and animals that exist today.

What made all of this possible? Thats right, an enzyme. A biological enzyme. All of this is biological chemistry that deals with the biology of life.

Our Body Systems have one purpose - make a perfect environment in each and every cell that comprises your body. This biological enzyme catalyzes the chemical reactions necessary for life. Energy!

Energy is necessary for life!

Diabetes disrupts this perfect environment inside our cells. Normally, our body systems can do this without us being conscious of the events. 

When we can't do this alone, the medical profession steps in to help. Diabetes is just one disease.