Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweet Tea - A Southern Type II Diabetes Problem

Sweet Tea - Increase or Decrease onset of Type II Diabetes

Living in South Carolina, where the weather is the finest is a haven for potential Type II Diabetes. 

Sweet tea is a very popular beverage. In earlier posts, the pancreas controls the blood level of glucose through the production of insulin. The sugar in sweet tea stretches the ability of the pancreas to keep blood sugar under control. The cells in the pancreas begin to hypertrophy. When they enlarge they begin to lose their ability to produce insulin. This is the onset of Adult Diabetes or Type II Diabetes.

Unfortunately, a good portion of the population appears overweight. This combination of two factors, sugar intake in foods and drinks and obesity, research has identified as building blocks for the onset of Type II Diabetes.

Our Nation is exploding into a population of obese people that will, in the  future, pose problems for our strained health care system as the diabetic population rises dramatically.

The folks here don't like to give up "traditions."  If that attitude persists health care will strain to the breaking point.

If you can help, in some way, to educate the people in your local communities about Type II Diabetes that may begin to turn the tide toward a healthy lifestyle and freedom from the dangers of Diabetes.