Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beta Cells can overstretch like a Slinky Toy!

Hyper-stimulation of Beta Cells in the Pancreas

We talked about how important Insulin is in Glucose control. If you contiually stimulate your Beta Cells in the Pancreas they will enlarge and lose their ability to produce Insulin. 

This is likened to stretching a Slinky Toy too much so it doesn't return to normal to perform its function...entertaining you!

By eating the "wrong" foods (consult your Diabetologist for the "right" foods) the Beta Cells enlarge (thats called hypertrophy) and lose the ability to produce insulin when you need it. (Beginning of Diabetes)

Your job is to watch what you eat, monitor your blood sugar as instructed, exercise and live your life! The Alpha Cells produce the hormone Glucagon. It causes glucose manufcturing to start when you blood glucose concentration drops below normal levels temporarily. That condition is called Hypoglycemia, a  word that means your blood sugar is too low. If you are taking insulin and you take too much, it can cause a temporary condition of hypoglycemia.


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