Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nervous System and Endocrine System Connection

Central Nervous System and Endocrine System Connection

Whenever we get the "Devil" scared out of to speak, our body instantaneously, it seems, prepares us to runaway, fight, or prepare for another reaction...right away. 

The system which is part of our Nervous System that does this is the Sympathetic Branch of our Autonomic Nervous System.

After we have had a moment to assess our emergency situation our Endocrine System prolongs the same preparedness that our Nervous System provided immediately.

This "dual" control helps keep us alive and well! Who wants Lucifer after us!

Our body is controlled by a whole series of "on-off" switches called negative feedback controls. Basically, if one control mechanism speeds us up there is another control that slows us down. Much like the autonomic nervous systems two branches.

The other branch of the Autonomic Nervous System that slows us down is the Parasympathetic Branch. Remember, the Sympathetic Branch is the one that prepares you for the "Flight, Fright, and Frolic" response. It doesn't know which one of those three it is preparing the body for...that is up to your mental reasoning to assess the situation and select accordingly.

For instance, if the danger passes the Parasympathetic Branch begins to return your body to its "relaxed state." If you want to make a comparison to the glucose in your body think of what glucose provides to each cell that makes up your muscles. Muscles that you may need to run away from danger.

Your body immediately begins to dump glucose into the bloodstream from the liver to provide each cell with glucose to maufacture ATP, a very important high energy chemical used to help muscles contract properly.

When the danger is past, insulin helps return any excess glucose (above the amount you normally use for everyday functions) back to the bodys storage centers for later use.

This whole process is part of something far larger called Homeostasis. Your body has a normal concentration for glucose in the bloodstream. During the course of a day this value flucuates slightly above and below the normal value. The attempts to regulate the normal values for everything associated with life is Homeostasis!


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